The next time you’re running on empty stop by Toy’s Thai Cafe.  Located at Laurel and College, this restaurant is run by husband and wife duo Nong and Lek. The couple moved from Bangkok, Thailand in 1993 and have been sharing their love of Thai food with the Fort Collins community ever since.

Nong often serves customers, while Lek prepares traditional  recipes passed down to her from generations passed.

Toy’s Thai claims patrons will be able to notice the authenticity and care with which they prepare their food.

This restaurant has won several awards and was named best ethnic lunch buffet by Scene Magazine in 2009.

CSU senior Kristin Brown frequents Toy’s Thai at least once a month.

What does she like about Toy’s Thai? “Oh my god, I love everything!” she says. “The owner’s so legit,” she said, noting that he’s really friendly.

She recommends their Tom Kha Kai, which is soup made with coconut milk, mushrooms, lemon grass and more.

If you don’t feel like going out,  Toy’s Thai delivers.

So… the next time you want fast and casual home-style Thai food you know where to go!

Have you been to Toy’s Thai or another Thai restaurant in Fort Collins? What Thai dishes are your favorite?

citation: Toy’s Thai Cafe’s website

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