Student Profile: meet Alexis deFries






Alexis (the 3rd student from the left in the back row) at A/PACC’s All Nations Leadership Retreat.

Around the Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center, Alexis deFries is known for her big smile and delicious mochi butter. (We have some in our office fridge so come by while it lasts!).

Alexis sees A/PACC as a “comfortable environment where help is always available.” When asked how her ethnicity has shaped her life, she says “It’s my identity, without it I’d just be another face in the crowd.”

Here’s some quick facts about Alexis:

Hometown: Papakolea, Hawaii

Year: freshman

Major: biology

Hobbies/Interests: reading, video games, animals, making friends & cooking

Plans after graduation: vet school to become an exotic pet specialist

Fav thing about CSU: meeting people she never expected to talk to

The next time you see Alexis around say hi!

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