Sushi anyone??

The next time you’re in the mood for sushi, head to Suehiro. This Japanese restaurant has been voted the best sushi bar in Fort Collins since 1998 and offers traditional tea room seating.

Suherio’s website claims it has “the largest selection and freshest sushi in town.” And it has 2 locations, one in Old Town and another in the Front Range Village Shopping Center on Harmony.

“Their sushi is delish,” said Johnny Nguyen who frequently goes to Suehiro.

“The dynamite is really good,” he said, referring to an appetizer of  boiled seafood with mushrooms in a creamy sauce.

“It’s out of the world good,” agreed A/PACC employee Sagarika Sarma. “It’s so good it’s almost unreal.”

If your love of sushi is endangering your bank account or you want to learn a new skill, check out Suehiro’s sushi class. Taught by owner and  master chef Ed Kendall, this beginner class will equip you with the skills to make sushi rice, miso soup, cucumber salad and maki sushi.

The next class will be held March 18th at 1 pm at the Suehiro in Old Town. Cost is $50 (includes sushi and a sushi roller to take home). For more information and to sign-up, email

Where do you go to get your sushi fix?

Information for this post was taken from Suehiro’s website. Photo credit to Asian Weekly.

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