Free Drum Performance at CSU!

Nationally-acclaimed drum group Portland Taiko will perform at CSU this Friday (March 2nd) at 5:30 pm in the Lory Student Center Main Ballroom! This event is free and open to the public.

The Portland Taiko Ensemble  is an award-winning Asian American drumming group and derives its name from the Japanese words for drum and the art form of musical drumming performances.

Taiko is rooted in ancient Japanese traditions and was a part of religious ceremonies, community festivals and theater.

Portland Taiko’s website claims performers “weave rhythm, melody, humor and movement together into an exhilarating musical experience. By combining traditional and contemporary compositions and choreography, [they take] Asian American music into unexplored territory with its innovative and provocative creations.”

Over time, Taiko has evolved and was re-birthed in America in the late 1960s and it became a tool to re-address the Japanese American internment.

Taiko is currently used as a voice for activism and healing. Portland Taiko’s website states, “Taiko sings a story of respect, perseverance, and pride….[it] lends its powerfully beautiful song to personal discovery and community healing.”

“The energy that they bring to each and every performance rivals that of such Vegas shows as Blue Man Group and Cirque de’ Solei,” said A/PACC assistant director Vani Narayana. “Every time they take the stage it is a unique experience.”

Come check them out this Friday!

Are there any groups you know about that use art/performances as a tool for activism?

photo credit to Portland Taiko

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2 Responses to Free Drum Performance at CSU!

  1. Okee says:

    The show was AWESOME! I brought both of my kids and they totally had a great time! Thanks A/PACC!

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