Get your Ethiopian on!

Dinners enjoy an Ethiopian spread at Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine

Want an authentic Ethiopian dining experience? Try Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine, located at 2900 Harvard Street in Fort Collins.

“We pride ourselves in using organic, locally grown ingredients and a one of a kind assortment of fresh Ethiopian spices,” Ethiopian native and owner/chef Etage Asrat revealed.

Dining experiences include injera, a spongy pancake consisting of a cereal grain called Teff, which is the world’s smallest grain.

Entrees are composed of meat and vegetable stews and sauteed dishes. Spices are responsible for the East African taste of these dishes.

Nyala’s website states, “Ethiopia is a land characterized by contrasting geographical features, rich history and culture. The unique Ethiopian cuisine reflects these factors.”

Home to 67 million people, Ethiopia is a land of many ethnic groups, languages and  religious. This country’s diversity is also compounded by its varying terrain, which allows for a variety of plants to be cultivated.

Ethiopian’s diversity and rich culture contribute to the uniqueness of its cuisine.

“This place is great for trying something new,” said A/PACC employee and CSU student Natasha Pepperl. “The food is really good and fresh and I it was really cool to try the injera.”

She recommends the chicken tibs, which consists of sauteed chicken with tomatoes, green peppers and onions.

What unique Fort Collins restaurants do you recommend?

Information and picture for this post was taken from Nyala’s website.

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