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Taste the Himalayas

Mount Everest Cafe, located at Shields and Drake, serves authentic cuisine from Nepal and Tibet. This restaurant is owned and operated by Sherpas, which is Tibetan for “people of the east.” “The Sherpa people are known for their physical strength and ability … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Food: Community & Culture Intwined

“Hawaiian food especially is a way of bringing community together,” Hawaiian native and CSU freshman Alexis deFries said.  She went on to explain that traditionally the entire community gathered to eat meals together daily. Traditionally, Hawaiians ate 2 meals a … Continue reading

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Food Fest: Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine follows the principles of yin and yang and the notion of 5 flavors (sweet, salty, bitter, sour and spicy) to create dishes with distinctive and contrasting  layers of flavor and texture. Because Vietnamese cuisine doesn’t blend flavors together … Continue reading

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Student Profile: Meet Stacia Neer

If anyone talks to Stacia for more than a few minutes, her love of birds becomes obvious. On weekends she handles birds of prey at a local animal rehabilitation center and she also enjoys bird-watching in Fort Collins. After graduation, … Continue reading

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