Food Fest: Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine follows the principles of yin and yang and the notion of 5 flavors (sweet, salty, bitter, sour and spicy) to create dishes with distinctive and contrasting  layers of flavor and texture. Because Vietnamese cuisine doesn’t blend flavors together to create a single taste like in American cuisine, Vietnamese diets are usually more balanced and well-rounded than those of the West.

Food is often eaten communal style, with each person serving themselves a small portion from a serving dish. The base of most meals is soup, rice or noodles. Fish sauce, fresh herbs, meat and vegetables typically round out the meal.

Dishes are usually accompanied by dipping sauces as well, made with either nuoc mam and chillies or salt, pepper and fresh lime.

Desserts consist of tapioca pearls, corn, beans or ginger seasoned sticky rice.

Vietnamese cuisine varies by region due to differences in climate and crops. In Southern Vietnam food tends to be spicier and emphasize sweet and sour flavors due to plentiful rice, fruits, vegetables, coconuts and sugar cane.

Vietnam’s central and cooler region possesses heartier dishes consisting of thicker noodles and spicier broths. Northern Vietnam’s climate is not as well suited for growing crops and therefore features meet dishes such as pho (beef broth soup with rice noodles, herbs and meat slices).

Now that you know what Vietnamese food is all about do you want to try some??? Come to A/PACC’s Food Fest, featuring Vietnamese crepes and boba drinks!!

Food Fest

When: April 16 from11-2 pm

Where: LSC Plaza

Food: veggie, pork or shrimp crepes: $2-3 & boba drinks: $1

*We will only be able to accept cash*

What is your favorite Vietnamese cuisine??

To learn more about Vietnamese cuisine click here. Information to write this post was found at Vietnam Travel.

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