Taste the Himalayas

Traditional Himalayan bread

Mount Everest Cafe, located at Shields and Drake, serves authentic cuisine from Nepal and Tibet.

This restaurant is owned and operated by Sherpas, which is Tibetan for “people of the east.”

“The Sherpa people are known for their physical strength and ability to adapt to high altitude as well as their upbeat, positive attitudes,” states Mount Everest Cafe’s website.

The website also explains,”The Sherpa people migrated from Eastern Tibet 500 years ago and settled in the mountainous areas of Nepal and most famously at the base of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest.”

Sherpas were predominately farmers and yak herders until Mount Everest climbers started hiring them as porters and guides. This high altitude guiding became an occupation known worldwide as “sherpa.”

Mount Everest Cafe’s Himalayan cuisine is prepared with fresh ingredients and  fragrant spices and without MSG. This restaurant also offers a popular lunch and dinner buffet.

“It was yummy,” said A/PACC staff Chantel Floodeen of the dinner buffet. “It was all just really good.”

So there you have it… get a taste of the Himalayas at Mount Everest Cafe!

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What are some of your favorite ethnic restaurants in Fort Collins??

information for this post was gathered from Mount Everest Cafe’s website

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