Fun Ways to Destress

With finals coming up, many CSU students find themselves living at the library starving for hours then binging on unhealthy snacks and only finding a few hours for sleep. The pressure of success is riding all the shoulders of all students here and as a community, the feeling a stress is spreading much faster than the anticipation of winter break. But remember…

Here are some little things that will help you stress less!

1. Make a list of everything you need to get done. It may sound more stressful, but creating a list will help clear your mind. When your mind isn’t worrying about what tasks need to be done, it can focus more on the actually doing the task!

2. Exercise. You may not think you have time to exercise, but give yourself ample time to go for a walk outside, go to the gym, or attend a fitness class with friends. After some exercise you will feel much more focused.

3. Reward yourself. For each task that you achieve on your list, give yourself a small reward. Some people like to reward themselves with food, so you can buy yourself some of your favorite dessert. Or maybe set aside an hour to watch your favorite television show. Or buy yourself something new.

4. Appreciate your loved ones. Even being around people you care about will help boost your mood. So instead of going to the library alone, take your best friend along. And if you can’t concentrate, don’t be afraid to spend a little bit of time catching up because it is a welcomed break from school.

5. Pamper yourself. Take a hot shower or bath and follow it up with moisturizer. You will not only feel fresh and clean, but you can use this time to wash away some of your stress and spend time with your thoughts which can help you succeed.

6. SLEEP! Everyone functions better with sleep 🙂

Good luck on your finals and finish the semester out strong!

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