5 Inventions from Japan you didn’t Know Existed

  1. Do you sometimes feel bored sitting on the toilet? A Japanese author recommends you read a passage or two from his scary novel “The Drop – Horror Novel Toilet”. This toilet paper will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. Price: $15toilet paper
  2. If you are a carnivore who loves to eat meat but is on a budget, there is an Iphone gadget that allows you to smell one of three scents: short ribs, beef tongue, and buttered potato. Yes, I am fully aware that buttered potato is not meat. The creator, Koki Tsubouchi wanted users to be able to enjoy grilled meat without having to stretch their budget; his intention for creating this gadget is to allow you to eat rice, smell the meat, and trick your body into thinking you are eating delicious meat without having to pay a high price for it. Price :$35 “Hana Yakiniku”iphone
  3. A Japanese company has invented the world first eye wear that can sense your sleepiness level. The glasses use bio-sensing technology to detect eye movements to see if wearers’ concentration levels have declined. So if you are close to losing your concentration when driving, the glasses will give you a warning right at this threshold. Price: $199sunglasses
  4. Happy Coming is not just any ordinary eye mask. It has the ability to measure heart beat frequency and also brain activity during your sleep session and match these measurements with the right music and even aroma. Happy Coming allows you to take a quick nap before you enter the REM sleep cycle, waking you up at just the right time! This product is still in the development phase and is not available for sale yet.eyemask
  5. The Kokoro Yoho Mask was created to become the “best communication tool” in the office so that your colleagues can tell how you are actually feeling. The user’s feelings are displayed as symbols on the mask, just like a weather forecast. This product is not available for sale yet.yoho mask
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