Beautiful Boxer

First off, thank you so much for all of the support that you are giving to us through our Asian Fest events. This April has been packed with great events and we hope that you have enjoyed Asian Fest so far.

Next week, we will be hosting a film showing of Beautiful Boxer. The movie is an amazing biographical sports film that tells the life story of a trans Muay Thai boxer, Nong Toom. The film depicts the triumphs and struggles that Nong Toom faces as he deals with an inner battle of his sexuality and the outside battles of his kickboxing career.

Here is the trailer. For more information, visit our website! This event is free.

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Harry Shum Jr. Comes to Colorado State University for Asian Fest

Harry Shum Jr.

Hope you are all excited for Harry Shum Jr. to come to Colorado State University. Not only is he in Glee, he was also featured in GQ magazine and People magazine.

On Saturday, April 6th, he is visiting CSU to share his experiences and discuss his identity. This event is part of Asian Fest. Stay tuned for info about more great events!

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Amazing Asians

Jessica Cox has set many records and inspired many people. She holds two black-belts in the Taekwondo, earned a pilot’s license to fly a light-sport aircraft in three years, and is a certified scuba diver. Jessica Cox was also born with no arms. Being differently-abled has presented many triumphs and challenges for Jessica Cox who now shares her story with people around the world. Jessica Cox will be encouraging people to achieve and be creative with the mantra “Think outside the shoe” at Colorado State University on April 17th.

 Come to Asian Fest to hear the inspiring story and meet the inspirational, Jessica Cox!


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Sri Thai

Sri Thai offers authentic Thai cuisine, located here in Fort Collins at 950 South Taft Hill Road.

Thai food is lighter than food of other countries but still has a combination of bright and distinct flavors. Rice is used as the staple of the meal and meals are commonly served family style as dishes are shared with everyone at the table. A little known fact about Thai food is that in Thailand chopsticks are not actually used, instead spoons are used as the main utensil.

Sri Thai offers a variety of options that highlight each unique flavor. Some popular dishes include basil fried rice, pad thai, and curries. And if you like spicy food, you can even order your dish Thai hot. Annika, an A/PACC staff who prefers a milder flavor, ordered the Pad Se Yew, and loved it.

If you are a fan of Thai food, try out Sri Thai on the corner of Taft Hill and Elizabeth!

Sri Thai Restaurant Colorado

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Fun Ways to Destress

With finals coming up, many CSU students find themselves living at the library starving for hours then binging on unhealthy snacks and only finding a few hours for sleep. The pressure of success is riding all the shoulders of all students here and as a community, the feeling a stress is spreading much faster than the anticipation of winter break. But remember…

Here are some little things that will help you stress less!

1. Make a list of everything you need to get done. It may sound more stressful, but creating a list will help clear your mind. When your mind isn’t worrying about what tasks need to be done, it can focus more on the actually doing the task!

2. Exercise. You may not think you have time to exercise, but give yourself ample time to go for a walk outside, go to the gym, or attend a fitness class with friends. After some exercise you will feel much more focused.

3. Reward yourself. For each task that you achieve on your list, give yourself a small reward. Some people like to reward themselves with food, so you can buy yourself some of your favorite dessert. Or maybe set aside an hour to watch your favorite television show. Or buy yourself something new.

4. Appreciate your loved ones. Even being around people you care about will help boost your mood. So instead of going to the library alone, take your best friend along. And if you can’t concentrate, don’t be afraid to spend a little bit of time catching up because it is a welcomed break from school.

5. Pamper yourself. Take a hot shower or bath and follow it up with moisturizer. You will not only feel fresh and clean, but you can use this time to wash away some of your stress and spend time with your thoughts which can help you succeed.

6. SLEEP! Everyone functions better with sleep 🙂

Good luck on your finals and finish the semester out strong!

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…And Now You Know

Now that Halloween is approaching, some are viewing costumes with a more critical eye. If you already have a costume or are still looking, there is a campaign that may have an impact on your decision or on the way you view others this Halloween.

“We’re a Culture Not a Costume” is a campaign that first started at Ohio University from members of the organization Students Teaching About Racism in Society. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness distinguishing the lines of what is considered depicting a racial stereotype and what is appropriate. The campaign should also initiate questions and discussions that can hopefully diffuse and eliminate offensiveness in Halloween costumes.

In many cases, students are unaware of the effects their costume may have on another. This year, Colorado State University is running the campaign. Look for posters around the plaza for more information and this Halloween, consider all of the aspects of costumes, including their impacts.

What do you think of this campaign?

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Student Staff: Study Abroad Photo Diary

Last semester and this summer we had three current A/PACC staff study abroad.

This has been an experience that has really changed their lives. CSU really encourages taking advantage of the opportunity that students have to study abroad in order to explore perspectives and the world. Each of our student staff had a chance to try new food and experience a new culture! Here are some photos from their time abroad:

Maila’s Trip to China

Maila enjoyed her trip to China and as an Apparel Merchandising major, took advantage of all the shopping there was to do in China!

This is Maila in Tong Li Watertown

This is from Maila’s trip to the busy city of Shanghai

One of the many beautiful buildings in Seoul

Christian Explores China

Christian could return to China at any time. Now even more engrossed in Chinese culture than before, he would love to return!

The Great Wall of China

Christian enjoying himself in Beijing

Juli Visits Thailand

Juli had a great time in Thailand. However, she did not enjoy the size of their bugs quite as much! Being one with nature, she loved Thailand and is already wanting to return.

Juli in Thailand

Juli’s new best friends

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